Harveys Family Basset Hounds

We bought a Basset Hounds puppy  from Harveys Family Basset Hounds 1 week ago. He is such an amazing little guy. I called to get information on him and couldn't resist driving over an hour to check this place out. I entered the building and was immediately welcomed by the staff and was told they had the


I purchased Marcus  from Harveys Family Basset Hounds and it was a great experience I would like to thank the staffs,  for all their help. This is my first puppy and he is adorable, I would recommend Harveys Family Basset Hounds to anyone the staff are knowledgeable and very helpful in assisting you to make


I got my Ginger from Harveys Family Basset Hounds about 3 weeks ago. She is an angel and she is almost 2 and a half months old now. She is very smart, energetic and very cute. Who wouldn't love that face! The staff at Harveys Family Basset Hounds were extremely helpful. I love my puppy.


Today we are celebrating Mayson’s 2nd birthday and I wanted to let you know how much joy she has brought to our family. She has so much personality and enjoys being “the boss”. She loves getting brushed and having her little belly rubbed. She never barks but doesn’t mind a little whining to get what she wants. Mayson is very loving and passes out kisses to almost everyone. She has to make her ‘rounds’ every night to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be but she ultimately ends up in ‘the big bed’. It’s amazing how, at ALMOST 5 pounds, she can take up an entire king size bed! Thank you so much for giving our family the opportunity to love such an awesome little pup!


Never thought that buying a Basset Hound puppy could be so rewarding!!! I have been looking for an Basset Hound puppy for 4-5 years, always been skeptical about what I would end up with. But at Harveys Family Basset Hounds,
treated me fair, I have a beautiful baby girl and she is perfect!! My wife and I really appreciate these folks taking the time to answer any questions and then following up with us after Chassy arrived, I will always do business with you guys, they are people you can trust.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Franka, Temple, Texas.

Harveys Family Basset Hounds and the entire Team were FANASTIC. We received an adorable Basset Hound Puppy yesterday here in Chicago and we couldn't be more pleased. The dog is gorgeous and well behaved - and everyone on your team made the experience wonderful! If you have any questions

                                                                                                                    Jessica and Levi - Chicago Illinois

If looking for and a Basset Hound we highly recommend Harveys Basset Hounds. We purchased 2 beautiful Basset Hound from Diego. He was never to busy to take our calls and give us any information that we required, he answered any questions we had and was very informative
and helpful. Our 2 beautiful new family members arrived at Vancouver Airport safe and sound. They have to be the healthiest puppies I've ever seen in my life. After our vet check 2 days later we found our puppies to be the fittest and healthiest ever. I would definitely
recommend this wonderful services to anyone interested in purchasing a Basset HoundWe will definitely keep in touch with them. Thank you
                                                                                                                          Diego.Vancouver, Canada.

 The Basset FamilyHound Puppy
After searching the internet for hours looking for the right breeder. I came across Harveys Family Basset Hounds, within the first couple of minutes , I knew I wanted one of there puppies! There website is very informative, and lets you know of the scam artist that are out there.After
contacting them and speaking with Harvey,we knew for sure that this was the breeder that we want to get our new puppy from.They delivered the puppy to us, and we were very happy with her!! Her pictures didn't do her justice. She is a very health and happy little pup.She has been a great addition to our family.So if your looking for a great puppy,
make sure you check out Harveys Family Basset Hounds.You will not be disappointed.

                                                                                                                        Weston Florida
                                                                Thanks so much for the great Basset Hound you sell!!!

I can't say enough good things about Harvey Kennel! Although I live several states away (in NC), the transaction was easy and smooth. Everyone was so kind in offering all the assistance I needed, and answered all of my questions.I was somewhat hesitant to purchase a puppy from a breeder I found online, but after months of searching for that perfect Basset Hound puppy/breeder I found Harvey at Harveys Kennel! I could not be happier. He arrived at the nearest airport within two days of my purchase! Willy is very well socialized and is so good with my two young sons. He has the nicest disposition, not to mention the sweetest face! I will recommend Harveys Kennel to anyone interested in the breeds they provide- that includes family and friends. If I am ever looking for a puppy of any of the breeds they provide I will
certainly look to Harvey Kennel! Sincerely and happily, 

                                                                                                                    Teresa Wiers-
                                                                                                            Havelock (MCAS Cherry Point), NC

 I have always wanted a Basset Hound and when my husband said I could get one I started my search. I was looking in the paper and on the internet for months. I wanted a brindle male and could not find one anywhere. Then one afternoon I stumbled across Harvey and found the puppy of my dreams. Harvey took the time to talk with me and answer any questions I had. He sent me pictures . The whole process was easier then I thought it would be. I highly recommend Harveys Basset Hounds to anyone who is looking for a Basset Hound. Farley is beautiful and healthy. I'm so thankful to have found you !!!

For anyone who is planning on buying a Basset Hound, I highly recommend Harvey Kennel. I dealt with Harvey , who was not only professional but also very honest and kind. I have had my puppy for about a month and she is amazing. She's beautiful and healthy. I was hesitant about purchasing a puppy online and having it shipped, but the process went smoothly. If I am to buy another Basset Hound in the future, it will be from the same breeder. There are many internet scams out there...Harvey Kennel is not one of them! If you purchase a
dog from them-relax and enjoy! 

                                                                                                                     -Alexandra Phair Lowell,MA

Lundii our Basset Hound puppy loves Alaska!!! We just got our new puppy from Harvey kennel! They were great, we got our puppy within a day after the payment! We love him so much. We wanted to find the perfect Basset Hound, And we found him right away with you guys. Thank you sooo much for our new addition to our family! :) 

                                                                                                                                Nichole & Robert Alaska

!!! Awsome Doggie !!!
Harvey gave me the best service that I have ever received from a breeder. I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with with them. Not only do they breed great Boxers they give awesome customer care. Thank you guys for all of your help.
                                                                                                                                        Brandon Phoenix AZ

**Everyone Loves Cheif The Basset Hound ***
I was one of those people who was kind of so so on buying a dog like this on the internet but Harvey was such a pleasure to work with and he is willing to accommodate you in anyway possible so you can get your new little buddy. The dog is awesome. He has a well temperament, beautiful color and well behaved for a puppy. If I was going to buy
another Basset Hound I would go through Harvey I had an awesome experience buying from him, you won't be disappointed.

 Thank you so much                                                                        ~Tatiana and Brandon~Florida

Great experience with Basset Houndr breeder
If you are concerned about buying a puppy over the internet and from a breeder you have never met, rest easy. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time being anxious because the whole experience from beginning to end was very good. Harvey is very easy to contact (by email and by phone). The service they provide is a well oiled machine and the end result is a beautiful healthy well adjusted puppy. Despite being a little shaken from the experience of being shipped around the country, my little girl settled in within minutes of meeting me. She came to me very well socialized. She passed her health check the next day. I wouldn't go
anywhere else to buy a puppy from now on and would recommend Harveys Basset Hounds.

We bought a Basset Hounds puppy from Harveys Family Basset Hounds 1 week ago. 


I purchased Marcus from Harveys Family Basset Hounds and it was a great experience